The Mind + Movement Program

The Mind + Movement Program offers children and teens (and adults too!) exercise of the MIND and the BODY.  Our Mind + Movement Program meets in small pods of similar age.  The time is split between learning with an experienced and qualified tutor and working the body with a highly trained activity instructor (gymnastics, karate, yoga, etc.).  

The Mind Plus  

The Mind Plus is offered to people of all ages.  We set up small groups with an academic focus.  Tutors lead brain breaks every 15 minutes.  Brain breaks are mental breaks designed to help students stay focused, attend, and to deepen the learning. The brain breaks get the body moving to carry blood and oxygen to the brain. They energize the body for continued focus.  We create groups based on academic need.  Length and location varies per group. Share your need and we can create a pod!


  • Is your child/teen struggling in school?

  • Are they feeling overwhelmed by the lack of social interaction during Covid times?

  • Are they sitting much of the day and not exercising their bodies?

  • Are you looking for a flexible program to support and enhance your child's overall education, and physical and social-emotional well-being?​​

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Who are our Programs For?

  • It's a simple's for ALL people of ALL ages!  Learn more about The Mind Plus and The Mind + Movement Program for different ages here.

  • 3 Benefits to Small Group Learning:​​

    • Peers learn from each other.

    • It allows the learner to relax. 

    • Learning is interactive.

Can I join an established Pod?

  • We create pods with a "mind" and "movement" focus.  Check out our current offerings here!

  • Our programs take place in local facilities that offer movement activities (for example: dance, gymnastics, rock climbing, martial arts, fitness, yoga, music, acting, and more! 

Can I create a Pod?

Sure, you can form a pod! Let us know your academic focus, location, and availability. We will locate the place, the tutor, and manage all the program details for you!  **Bonus** If you gather the group members and host the pod in your home, you will receive a 10% discount off one child!

When do your PodS Happen?

  • Your schedule is important! Pods meet mornings,  afternoons, and evenings. 

What Makes Us Unique?

*Certified/Qualified Tutors

*Small Group Tutoring

*Less Expensive than 1-1 Tutoring

*Physical Activity

*Social Connections

*Flexible Scheduling

*Month-to-Month commitment

*Parent-Tutor communication

Pandemic Pods

Pandemic Pods

Pandemic Pods


Pandemic Pods

What's the buzz?

  • "I'm not a teacher!  I didn't sign up to be my child's teacher, and I don't know how.  I'm glad my daughter will have a tutor to help her with things I can't!"  Sara A.

  • "I'm so happy my son will be with other kids!  He's really social and the pandemic has been hard on him.  Thank you for creating this!"  Laurie J.

  • "Wow, I am so grateful this is available for my son.  He needs this more than you can know!"  Susie M.

  • "My daughter has always wanted to take gymnastics and I definitely need help with teaching her. This is the perfect combination for us!"  Ryan J.


Do you have a preschooler? We have a program for them!  It's The Mind + Movement Program lovingly designed for young children.  Have an idea for a preschool pod?  Let us know and we can get it up and running for you!

High School 

The Mind + Movement Program or The Mind Plus can be VERY affective for high schoolers.  The demand on academics is very high and support in certain subjects may be needed.  We create pods for numerous reasons, one being to bring the cost down per family.  Working in a small group also allows for friendships to build organically.  Children can support and encourage each other.  We are happy to create a pod around your high schoolers needs.  Just let us know what those needs are!

Lower Elementary

Young children love to learn, run and play, and be joyful!  We know our Mind + Movement Program will satisfy their spirit.  Pods are small intimate groups allowing children to build friendships with peers and their personal pod tutor and activity instructor.  We know they'll just love this model!


We create learning pods for all ages, including college-aged students. Is a certain course overwhelming you and you would like to receive some academic tutoring?  Is there a physical activity that you would like to participate in, (ie. fitness, dance, acting, yoga, etc)  Wouldn't it be fun to meet others with similar interests?  Tell us what you need and we will create it for you! If you'd like to leave the movement out we also offer The Mind Plus.  It's small group tutoring with brain breaks every 15 minutes to enhance learning.

Upper Elementary

Pod Tutoring offers qualified and certified teachers to help supplement your child's learning. Children in upper elementary grades are ready to go beyond the basics, and delve into higher level opportunities, both with mind and body.  Plus, working in a small group allows for a social experience we know this age group loves!


Skies the limit here! Is there something specific you want to learn?  Do you own a business and have a class you would like to offer your staff?  Do you and a group of friends want to learn something together and take a fitness or yoga class following the "mind"?   Tell us what you need and we will try our best to create it for you! Remember, we can pair the "mind" and a "movement" to create a whole body experience OR we offer The Mind Plus, academic tutoring with built-in brain breaks every 15 minutes.

Middle School

Middle School children need to learn how to balance friendships and their studies.  Pod Tutoring creates specific study pods with an academic focus and movement break to follow.  We also offer The Mind Plus  which is academic tutoring with brain breaks every 15 minutes, led by the tutor. Have an idea for a specific pod, let us know and we will create it for you?

Specialty Pods

As we see a need arise, we will create specialty pods.  Want to nudge us in a certain direction, great, share your ideas with us and we will create it from there.  We parter with a facility in the area that offers the "movement" activity and we bring in a qualified tutor to offer the "mind" portion of the session.  These pods vary in session length and cost.  

Pricing + Discounts



Pricing is unique for every pod!  An average cost per person/hour is $18 - $20.


Group size is 4-6 people. Pricing reduces gradually with more people in the group.


Host Family Discount:

If you host The Mind Plus  pod in your home and gather a group of 4 to 6 people to attend, you will receive 10% off one person.

There is a $50 Annual Family Registration Fee upon enrollment into a program.

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